Strange Magic

Strange Magic is a collection of images that I created for a solo show. With COVID-19, the plans for the show crashed. I spent 6 months working on the series, which was inspired by mythology, cryptozoology, and mysticism. Not unlike a lot of my art.

The ruins of relationships, the connection with one's surroundings, and loneliness of self reflection were the themes of this series. I played with space and the depth of these themes. When I was young, I looked up at the night sky and realized how insignificant we humans are. That moment shaped my pragmatic personality that tends to annoy people.

As complex individuals, we are completely capable of being surrounded by others and still feel alone. Our thoughts and fears plague our minds and create the island that each of us live on. No one ever truly knows a person. Even if they have spent years together, what we actually think may never be known.

I hear that my art never portrays people as happy. I can accept that. Instead of displaying a reaction to the scene, I prefer to portray contemplation. What are they thinking? Where are they going? Where they have been? Are they enjoying the moment? In a time when people are quick to spoil a TV show or movie before you get a chance to watch it, a little bit of mystery can be nice.

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